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Outdoor Warning

  • 2 Omni-Directional Siren

    2 Omni-Directional Siren

    Federal Signal's Model 2 outdoor warning siren is an omni-directional siren capable of producing intense warning signals over a large area. The siren can be installed on a roof or on a utility pole.

  • ECLIPSE8 Electro–Mechanical Siren

    ECLIPSE8 Electro-Mechanical Siren

    The Eclipse8 is a mid-sized DC-powered omni-directional siren for outdoor warning that produces high intensity warning signals. The high decibel output provides maximum coverage with with minimum installation costs.

  • 2001-130 Battery Powered Electromechanical Siren

    2001-130 Battery Powered Electromechanical Siren

    The Federal Signal Model 2001-130 is a unique innovation in the high power outdoor warning siren market. The patented design represents a new generation of rotating, uni-directional electromechanical sirens.

  • DSA Directional Speaker Array

    DSA Directional Speaker Array

    Federal Signal's Model DSA Directional Speaker Array provides excellent voice and tone reproduction and is ideal for overcoming high levels of industrial noise. Design flexibility allows the user to combine up to four speaker arrays; each array will hold from two to six re-entrant speakers. Speakers have a 70º horizontal angle of dispersion, accommodating specific sound output patterns. Ideal for outdoor industrial plant warning, the Model DSA speaker array allows sound coverage to be customized to each site, preventing wasted sound level in and around the plant.

  • MOD Modulator® Speaker Array

    MOD Modulator® Speaker Array

    Federal Signal's Modulator® Speaker Array Series consists of a family of six electronic sirens. These innovative omni-directional sirens are capable of producing high intensity warning signals over a wide area. This efficient design enables these sirens to produce a high sound level, while making only moderate demands on the power source.

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