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LSH Litestak® Piezoelectric Horn

  • Available in 24VDC, 120VAC and 240VAC
  • Adjustable volume
  • Capable of producing 75 - 77dB @ 10' (85 - 87dB @ 1m)
  • Indoor use only
  • Type 1 enclosure
  • UL Listed and CSA Certified

The Litestak® LSH Horn is a piezoelectric unit that employs a ceramic element which expands or bends when voltage is applied, generating a single tone. The Model LSH can be used as a stand-alone audible device (with the LSB pipe/surface mount base or LSBS surface mount base), or combined with the Federal Signal Litestak light modules to create a combination audible/visual signal.

The LSH Horn is a modular unit which mounts directly onto the top of any Litestak light or base (sound units must be positioned at the top module of the status indicator). A black speaker grille cover protects the horn. The volume can be adjusted by removing the grille covers and turning the volume control below the horn mechanism.

The 24VDC and 240VAC LSH units produce 75dB @ 10' (85dB @ 1m); the 120VAC unit produces 77dB @ 10' (87dB @ 1m). Litestak is UL listed for indoor use and CSA Certified.

Ideal applications for Litestak audible/visual status indicators include assembly lines, conveyor systems, automated lines, instrument panels, workshops, etc.

Federal Signal's Piezoelectric Horn is an inexpensive way to add an audible signal to Litestak Status Indicators.

Special Considerations

  • Specify base unit
    • Model LSB (For 3/4" pipe or surface mount)
    • Model LSBS (For low-profile surface mount)


Part # Description Ship Weight Net Weight  
LSH-024 Litestak® piezoelectric horn sound module, 24VDC 0.65 lbs. 0.45 lbs. Add to Quote >
LSH-120 Litestak® piezoelectric horn sound module, 120VAC 0.65 lbs. 0.45 lbs. Add to Quote >
LSH-240 Litestak® piezoelectric horn sound module, 240VAC  0.65 lbs. 0.45 lbs. Add to Quote >


Part # Description Ship Weight  

Replacement Parts

Description Part #  
Grille Kit, Black K8447014A-10 Add to Quote >
Piezo Horn, 24VDC K8447040A Add to Quote >
Piezo Horn, 120V K8447040A-01 Add to Quote >
Piezo Horn, 240V K8447040A-02 Add to Quote >


Listed By Underwriter's Laboratory (ULus)
Audible signal appliance, general signal UCST_E4813.pdf
Certified by CSA International
Signal appliances, systems 4812_05_1253012.pdf







Operating Current

70 mA at 24VDC

40 mA at 120VAC and 240VAC

Decibel Output

75 Using 24VDC/ 240VAC at 10 Feet

77 Using 120VAC at 10 Feet

85 Using 24VDC/ 240VAC at 1 Meter

87 Using 120VAC at 1 Meter

Operating Temperature Min. 32 F
Operating Temperature Max. 120 F
Enclosure Rating Type 1
Height 3.25 IN
Diameter 3.93 IN
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