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Audible Devices

  • LP4 Streamline┬« Low Profile Mini Sounder

    LP4 Streamline® Low Profile Mini Sounder

    Federal Signal introduces the Model LP4 low profile, electronic piezo sounder. The LP4 is a compact multi-tone sounder ideal for OEM and general alarm applications.

  • LP5 Streamline┬« Low Profile Micro Sounder

    LP5 Streamline® Low Profile Micro Sounder

    Federal Signal's Model LP5 low-profile sounder is an economical two-wire micro unit that produces an effective audible signal for indoor applications.

  • SST-MV Electronic Siren

    SST-MV Electronic Siren

    Federal Signal's SST-MV is an electronic siren capable of producing one of four different high decibel tone outputs from the same unit. The Model SST-MV features internal amplification and the tone circuitry to produce four different tones. The user selects from the wail, yelp, horn, or temporal slow whoop tone by reconfiguring internal jumpers.

  • SST3-MV Remotely Selectable Electronic Siren

    SST3-MV Remotely Selectable Electronic Siren

    Federal Signal's SST3-MV is an electronic siren capable of producing three different high decibel tones from the same unit.

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