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Visual Signals

27XST Explosion-Proof Strobe Light

  • Available in 24VDC, 120VAC and 240VAC
  • Six lens colors
  • 10,000 hour, strobe tube
  • 3/4-inch pendant mount standard; other options available
  • Dome guard optional
  • Type 4X, IP66 enclosure
  • Marine Rated
  • UL and cUL Listed, CSA Certified, CSFM Approved

Federal Signal's Model 27XST explosion-proof strobe light produces 80 high-intensity flashes per minute. This warning light operates on 24VDC, 120VAC, and 240VAC 50/60Hz.

The 27XST is UL Listed for Class I, Division 1, Groups C & D; Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F & G; Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B; and Class III. The 27XST is CSA Certified and Marine Rated.

The 24VDC 27XST features a voltage in-rush limiting PCB design that provides greater compatability with factory automation control systems and less electrical interference with in-rush sensitive devices.

The 27XST is Type 4X rated; constructed to IP66. Corrosion resistance is achieved with a powder epoxy finish applied over the copper-free aluminum housing. All exposed hardware is 316 grade stainless steel.

Federal Signal's Model 27XST has an effective candela (ECP) of 850 and a two million peak candela. A pendant mount is supplied, and a ceiling mount and 90º wall mount are available options. For easy installation, the mounting box is first installed and the fixture is then threaded onto the mounting box, making the electrical connection. Electrical continuity is made when five threads are engaged.

Federal Signal's Model 27XST is specifically designed for explosion-proof atmospheres and/or corrosive environments. Because it is easy to install and requires very low maintenance, it is ideal for use in areas such as oil rigs, mines, refineries, and chemical plants.


Part # Description Ship Weight Net Weight  
27XST-024ASE Strobe, 24VDC, explosion proof, amber, in-rush limited 18.1 lbs. 14 lbs. Add to Quote >
27XST-024BSE Strobe, 24VDC, explosion proof, blue, in-rush limited 18.1 lbs. 14 lbs. Add to Quote >
27XST-024CSE Strobe, 24VDC, explosion proof, clear, in-rush limited 18.1 lbs. 14 lbs. Add to Quote >
27XST-024GSE Strobe, 24VDC, explosion proof, green, in-rush limited 18.1 lbs. 14 lbs. Add to Quote >
27XST-024MSE Strobe, 24VDC, explosion proof, magenta, in-rush limited 18.1 lbs. 14 lbs. Add to Quote >
27XST-024RSE Strobe, 24VDC, explosion proof, red, in-rush limited 18.1 lbs. 14 lbs. Add to Quote >
27XST-024YSE Strobe, 24VDC, explosion proof, yellow, in-rush limited 18.1 lbs. 14 lbs. Add to Quote >


Part # Description Ship Weight  
DGXC Dome guard, 27XST & 121X 1.35 lbs. Add to Quote >
CMXC Mounting kit, ceiling, 27XST & 121X 4.3 lbs. Add to Quote >
WMXC Mounting kit, 90º wall, 27XST and 121X 5.4 lbs. Add to Quote >

Replacement Parts

Description Part #  
Exterior Dome Assembly, Clear K8444C271A-01 Add to Quote >
Interior Lens, Amber K8550C095A-02 Add to Quote >
Interior Lens, Blue K8550C095A-01 Add to Quote >
Interior Lens, Clear K8550C095A Add to Quote >
Interior Lens, Green K8550C095A-04 Add to Quote >
Interior Lens, Magenta K8550C095A-07 Add to Quote >
Interior Lens, Red K8550C095A-03 Add to Quote >
24VDC Mechanism K8436107F-03 Add to Quote >
Strobe Tube K8107159A Add to Quote >


Listed By Underwriter's Laboratory (ULus)
Visual signal devices for use in hazardous locations UJTK_E207119.pdf
Visual signal devices, Marine UXUB_E84580.pdf
Listed By Underwriter's Laboratory For Use In Canada (cUL)
Visual signal devices for use in hazardous locations certified for Canada UJTK7_E207119.pdf
Certified by CSA International
Signal appliances, miscellaneous, for hazardous locations 4818_03_1398387.pdf
Listed By California State Fire Marshall (CSFM)
Miscellaneous device, control unit accessories 7300_0811_131.pdf



Voltage 24VDC

3/4" Pendant

Optional Wall Mount Kit

Optional Ceiling Mount Kit

Operating Current 1.9 Amps (3.0 Amps in-rush)
Dome Colors







Dome Guard Sold Separately
Light Source/Lamp Style Strobe Tube
Lamp Life 10,000 Hours
Flash Rate/Minute 80
Peak Candela 2,000,000
Effective Candela 850
Enclosure Rating Type 4X
Ingress Protection (IP) IP66
Height 15.63 IN
Diameter 8.82 IN
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