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Outdoor Warning

MOD Modulator® Speaker Array

  • 360º sound coverage with no variation in the horizontal plane
  • Multiple tones and public address
  • Excellent frequency response
  • Produces 106dBc to 121dBc @ 100'
  • Each module has four 100 watt drivers
  • Operates with UV controller
  • UL and cUL Listed

Federal Signal's Modulator® Speaker Array Series consists of a family of six electronic sirens. These innovative omni-directional sirens are capable of producing high-intensity warning signals over a wide area. This efficient design enables these sirens to produce a high sound level, while making only moderate demands on the power source.

Each Modulator Speaker Array is made up of aluminum modules that utilize four 100 watt drivers. Speaker arrays require a siren control unit/battery cabinet (purchased separately).

The Modulator Speaker Array provides a flat frequency response from 200 to 2000Hz for excellent voice reproduction or warning signals such as: Wail (attack), Pulsed Steady, Steady (alert), Alternating Steady, Alternating Wail, and Pulsed Wail - which are produced by the modulator siren control unit.

Federal Signal's Modulator Speaker Array is intended for outdoor applications. Industrial sites such as refineries, chemical plants, power plants, or tank farms are typical applications for these omni-directional electronic arrays.

Special Considerations

  • Specify speaker array model number. Each speaker array model must be ordered with a specific corresponding UV and amplifier.
  • Specify optional CABEX 10 ft cable extension - (40 feet of cable is supplied with siren. Extension cable in 10 foot increments is also available. Mounting the UV controller further than 100 feet is not recommended.)
  • Call us for assistance in specifying an outdoor warning system


Part # Description Shipping Weight Net Weight  
MOD1004 Electronic Speaker Array, One Module 350 lbs. 181 lbs. Add to Quote >
MOD2008 Electronic Speaker Array, Two Modules 400 lbs. 296 lbs. Add to Quote >
MOD3012 Electronic Speaker Array, Three Modules 600 lbs. 411 lbs. Add to Quote >
MOD4016 Electronic Speaker Array, Four Modules 750 lbs. 526 lbs. Add to Quote >
MOD5020 Electronic Speaker Array, Five Modules 1000 lbs. 641 lbs. Add to Quote >
MOD6024 Electronic Speaker Array, Six Modules 1270 lbs. 760 lbs. Add to Quote >


Part # Description Shipping Weight  

Replacement Parts

Description Part #  
Driver, 100 watt 8570063A Add to Quote >


Listed By Underwriter's Laboratory (ULus)



Frequency Response 200-2000Hz ± 1db
Horizontal Coverage 360º ± 1dB
Model Active Modules Watts Height (in/cm)
MOD1004 1 400 43.17 - 109.65
MOD2008 2 900 63.7 - 161.8
MOD3012 3 1200 84.3 - 214.1
MOD4016 4 1600 105 - 266.7
MOD5020 5 2000 125.5 - 318.8
MOD6024 6 2400 146 - 370.8
Model Decibels @ 100 ft * Effective Range @ 70dBc Wind Loading @ 110mph Wind Velocity**
MOD1004 106 1,200 ft. 360 lbs.
MOD2008 112 1,800 ft. 540 lbs.
MOD3012 115 2,200 ft. 720 lbs.
MOD4016 118 2,800 ft. 900 lbs.
MOD5020 120 3,100 ft. 1,080 lbs.
MOD6024 121 3,400 ft. 1,260 lbs.
* MOD 6048 available, produces 125dBc @ 100 feet. Contact factory for specification assistance.
** Wind loading is the calculated force of wind at 110 mph (shoreline), exposure D (flat, unobstructed coastal areas) on frontal area 4.64 feet per American National Standards Institute A58.1 "Minimum design loads for building and other structures".
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