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Public Address

M-PAS Marine Public Address General Alarm System

  • Stand-alone, hot standby, or duplicated systems with network options
  • Digital Signaling Processing (DSP)
  • Safety and security options
  • Field configurable zones, I/O and access panels
  • PBX interface and feedback eliminator (options)
  • Full touchscreen control options
  • Redundant access panels
  • High power speaker and amplifiers up to 3000 watts
  • Unlimited zone capability
  • Remote I/O for integration into fire and gas, automation or safety systems
  • Digital message storage, up to 128 messages standard
  • Portable media player input

Federal Signal's Marine Public Address System (M-PAS) meets the stringent requirements of the marine market, specifically ships, and mobile and fixed offshore units. This system conforms to worldwide regulations to provide a Public Address and General Alarm system that fully operates in marine rated environments.

The M-PAS can be integrated across a multitude of platforms and networks, making it an ideal solution for small and large systems. Its flexibility ranges from being wired for a small single loop configuration to a large redundant duplicated system.

On-board digital signal processors (DSP) provide tone generation and pre-recorded voice messages. Analog audio inputs permit seamless integration of external tone generators and intercom systems. Scalable I/O allows you to integrate third party alarm systems and auxiliary signals, such as fire and gas detection controls and beacons, for a completely integrated emergency notification system.

A programmable control multiplexer allows for up to eight redundant field access panels per PCM-8. Touchscreen access panels with custom graphical user interface (GUIs) are a common option. Options such as the PBX Interface and Feedback Eliminator offer unsurpassed audio quality. Multiple zones with different audio programs or signals are standard.

User controls and fault reporting are easily accessed on the optional touchscreen PC or remotely via a laptop computer or Windows™ - based user interface.

Special Considerations

  • Contact us to design a system that meets your specific requirements


Part # Description      
M-PAS System Rack:
PA-M-W PA-System, Wall Mount 18U, up to 8 Zones. Includes 1 x PA-IPAC Controller, x PA-APCM8 Hard Access Panel Module. Amps and access panels ordered separately.     Add to Quote >
PA-M-F PA-System, Floor Mount 42U, bottom entry, up to 8 x Zones. Includes PA-IPAC Controller, PA-APCM8 Hard Access Panel Module. Amps and access panels ordered separately.     Add to Quote >
Amplifier Selections: (Up to 4 per rack cabinet of the same type.)
CTS2000-120 Two Zone, 2 x 500W zones, 120VAC operation     Add to Quote >
CTS2000-240 Two Zone, 2 x 500W zones, 240VAC operation     Add to Quote >
CTS2000-120-S Two Zone, 2 x 500W zones, 120VAC operation, Supervision (Amp / Speaker Line)     Add to Quote >
CTS2000-240-S Two Zone, 2 x 500W zones, 240VAC operation, Supervision (Amp / Speaker Line)     Add to Quote >
Access Panel Selections: (Max of 8 per PA-APCM8 module)
PA-AP Hard Access Panel Desk Mount     Add to Quote >
PA-AP-19 Hard Access Panel 19" Rack Mount     Add to Quote >
PA-SAP Soft Access Panel, Touchscreen GUI, unlimited quantity (Requires PA-NS network switch option)     Add to Quote >
PA-SAP-19 Soft access panel mounted on plate for use in 19" racks or control consoles     Add to Quote >
PA-RMS Remote Mic Station     Add to Quote >
I-PAS Rack Options:
PA-TZM8  Telephone Zone Management Module, 8 Zones, Store and Forward (Feedback Control)     Add to Quote >
PA-NS Network Switch (1 per node/rack), required for IP connectivity and soft access panel operation     Add to Quote >
PA-HSM Hot Standby Module     Add to Quote >
PA-BPC Beacon Power Circuit, for control and initiation of field beacons (single color)     Add to Quote >


Part # Description Ship Weight  

Replacement Parts

Description Part #  
Digital Processing Controller PA-MPAC Add to Quote >
Access Panel Controller, 8 Channels PA-APCM8 Add to Quote >






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