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LSHLS Litestak® Homeland Security Status Indicator

  • Available in 24VDC and 120VAC
  • Five lens colors
  • Surface mount and integrated 3/4-inch pipe mount
  • Available with LED or Incandescent Lamps
  • Indoor use only
  • Type 1 enclosure
  • Made in the USA
  • UL and cUL Listed, CSA Certified

Federal Signal, the world's largest prime manufacturer of audible and visual signaling for industry has introduced a Homeland Security Advisory Status Indicator. The LiteStak® is an effective tool for communicating the Threat Conditions as outlined in the Homeland Security Presidential Directive; Low (Green), Guarded (Blue), Elevated (Yellow), High (Orange) and Severe (Red). The LiteStak is suitable for use in industrial, commercial and municipal environments.

Each light module produces 360 degrees of light dispersion. Optical cross-hatching ensures a lens-filling distribution of light that is free of "hot spots". Each module of the LiteStak can beset up for either steady burning or flashing operation (with relays, flashers or PLCs). The lens of each module snaps on for quick and easy lamp maintenance.

Lamps choices include a rugged 25 watt incandescent bulb or a lifetime guaranteed 100,000 hour LED lamp. The LiteStak can be installed easily in a surface mount or a 3/4" NPT pipe mount configuration. The choice of operating voltages includes 24VDC and 120VAC for incandescent models and 120VAC for LED models.


Part # Description Ship Weight Net Weight  
LSHLS-024 Homeland security LiteStak® 5 colors, 24VDC 4.8 lbs. 3 lbs. Add to Quote >
LSHLS-120 Homeland security LiteStak® 5 colors, 120VAC 4.8 lbs. 3 lbs. Add to Quote >
LSHLS-LED-120 Homeland security LiteStak® LED, 5 colors, 120VAC 4.8 lbs.. 3 lbs. Add to Quote >


Part # Description Ship Weight  

Replacement Parts

Description Part #  
Lens Kit, Amber K8447014A-02 Add to Quote >
Lens Kit, Blue K8447014A-04 Add to Quote >
Lens Kit, Green K8447014A-01 Add to Quote >
Lens Kit, Orange K8447014A-08 Add to Quote >
Lens Kit, Red K8447014A-03 Add to Quote >
Snap Rivets, 25 pieces K7099A112A-01 Add to Quote >
Cap Kit, Snap Rivets Included K8447009E Add to Quote >
Incandescent Lamp, 24VDC K8107210A Add to Quote >
Incandescent Lamp, 120VAC K8107194A Add to Quote >
LED lamp, 24VDC, amber LED-024ASB Add to Quote >
LED lamp, 24VDC, blue LED-024BSB Add to Quote >
LED lamp, 24VDC, green LED-024GSB Add to Quote >
LED lamp, 24VDC, orange LED-024ASB Add to Quote >
LED lamp, 24VDC, red LED-024RSB Add to Quote >


Listed By Underwriter's Laboratory (ULus)
Visual signalling appliances UEES_E162485.pdf
Listed By Underwriter's Laboratory For Use In Canada (cUL)
Visual signalling appliances certified for Canada UEES7_E162485.pdf





3/4" Pipe


24VDC (Incan. Version Only)


Operating Current

LSHLS, 24VDC: 760 mA

LSHLS, 120VAC: 230 mA

LSHLS-LED, 120VAC: 40 mA

Light Source/Lamp Style

LED Lamp

25-Watt Incandescent

Lamp Life, Incandescent 7,000 Hours
Lamp Life, L.E.D. 100,000 Hours
Operating Temperature Min. 32 F
Operating Temperature Max. 120 F
Enclosure Rating Type 1
Dome Colors






Height 19.35 IN
Diameter 3.93 IN
Federal Signal distributed by Gross Automation - Brookfield, WI - Phone: (262) 252-1600 - Fax: (262) 252-1616
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